HCS’s Text from the Robocall and E-Mail about the Walk Out Today (with redlines)

Nikia Miller
3 min readFeb 28, 2022

This is a message from Hampton City Schools (HCS) to our high school families. Earlier today, some students from our four high schools participated in a student walk out. This walk out was initiated over social media by a parent and her high school child. (Actually, my daughter wanted to do something drastic to support her sister and yes, I supported my child as I support ALL THREE of my children.) Our building administrators reported that several students who walked out were unable to communicate the reason for participating in the walk out and others were given misinformation. (This is not true. It’s documented ON VIDEO that the kids KNEW this was about sexual assault)

In the interest of preventing the spread of misinformation, HCS feels it is important to share factual information with our families. It is important to know that the information shared by the parent regarding this situation is not factually correct. The school division did investigate the initial allegation and responded to the parent nearly two years ago. Upon notification of the complaint, immediate action was taken by the school, which included a thorough investigation by the school division and the Hampton City Police Division. Often there are specific details surrounding investigations in which the school division is unable to discuss due to confidentiality laws. However, what we can communicate, the investigation revealed this matter occurred after school hours and involved two female students in the second grade who attend different after-school programs. HCS had no knowledge of these encounters until after the fact, and as soon as HCS was made aware, the school division acted as required by law in all manner. HCS made all reports and took all appropriate remedial actions as required by state law. In addition, HCS took proactive actions including, at the parent’s request, enrolling the aggrieved student at another school and offering counseling.

It must be noted that if someone disagrees with actions of HCS, there are appropriate procedures that can be followed to reconcile grievances, including seeking redress in the courts. Airing disagreements on social media or in open forums is not a practice the school division endorses. If required, HCS welcomes the opportunity for a court to examine this situation as the division is confident that at all times HCS personnel acted appropriately. Hampton City Schools staff members remain committed to ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for all of our students.
We will have no further comment. Providing additional details may potentially breach the students’ expectations of privacy with respect to their school records.

(See my ENTIRE RED LINE OF THIS STATEMENT HERE: https://nikiakmiller.medium.com/meet-this-karen-hampton-city-schools-and-their-official-response-to-the-repeated-rape-of-an-7f0b4960e91)

We do ask that you share this information with your child so he or she has factual information in order to make informed decisions. (This is a bald-faced lie and is LYING TO THE KIDS about what ACTUALLY HAPPENED) Please note that per our Student’s Rights and Responsibilities handbook, students have the right of peaceful assembly in school facilities during school hours as long as there is no conflict with the school’s operation or activities. (“the right of peaceful assembly in school facilities during school hours as long as there is no conflict with the school’s operation or activities.” WHAT?!?!?! They can “peacefully assembly” as long as HCS is NOT AFFECTED? Is that what I’m reading?!?!?) Today’s walk out did interrupt the daily operations of your child’s school. (Rape is SUPPOSED TO DISRUPT THE DAY!) As such, please be advised that any future disruptions of this nature will be addressed with consequences per the Student’s Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. (TRANSLATION: If you make us listen to something we don’t want to hear about or do anything about, we’ll suspend you.)

Thank you for your understanding, as we continue to work together to ensure a safe learning environment for all. (SAFE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT! THAT IS WHAT THE WALKOUT WAS ALL ABOUT!)



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